Relentless flare ups of creativity and innovation in the web dev field continue to surprise me. Today, October 9th 2014, one of the hottest apps going is called Ethan. What does it do? Oh, it lets you message a guy named Ethan. Full name: Ethan Gliechtenstein.

What?! Why would this be the top app? Because it's such a simple idea, it's beautiful.

It's creator realized he wanted a simple way for his friends to contact him. He says he's been moving himself away from Facebook, and this was his solution. It's beauty is in how perfectly it solves a problem many of us face. We want to contact those closest to us, and we have so many ways, sometimes it's unclear which is the best. Imagine if you had a direct messaging line to your partner, or your best friend, or your children.

After the app took off, it appears to have morphed into a stranger-to-stranger random advice service. But the requests for customized versions have been pouring in, and right there is the wonderful intersection of creativity and innovation.